How to Check to See if Your Precious Vacation Location is a Dive

I travel a lot and I love discount travel the most! Who would pay full price for resorts if they found out there was a way to save more?Well, when I travel, I like to get a discount and do research first.Everyone should do some research about their destination cities and also the resort or hotel they are planning on staying at.One of my favorite sites, which I go back to again and again, is Advisor is great because I can read the reviews of people who stayed at the resorts and I can see if there are many positive or negative reviews.I cannot tell you how many times I saved my family from demise by checking there first and it steered me away from a dive.Don’t make the same mistake I did once. We booked a trip for a hotel in Orlando, the pictures looked good, but I did not take heed from the advice in the reviews. When we got to our room, the bed mattress was flat, and the air conditioner sounded like a Harley Davidson. That night we switch to a different room, but it was not much better, we left the next morning for something incredible that we found through our travel club, which cost us less and gave us more!Go to trip advisor, type in your resort name and it will be ranked, based on popularity, as well as give you popular sites to see near and around.Trip Advisor is not the only review service in town. Many of the other major online booking services also let you post reviews or read reviews so you know before you go!Happy travels!