Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid Laser Light

One of the coolest things in Las Vegas is said to be the Luxor Pyramid Laser Light and recently a member of the ISS International Space Station mentioned he could see it, as it was a clear night. Many people who drive to Las Vegas or visit there drive down the Strip tonight and wonder if how far away it can be seen from the air.Well personally I can remember traveling to Los Angeles LAX from Washington DC and could see it from 40,000 ASL (above sea level) and could see it very well and as far as 150-200 miles away too; a beacon in the night. My dad who was an airline pilot for Continental Airlines has made mention of it; he said a good four hundred miles not sure, though as I have never seen it like that. I have read in novels and they often mention it as well; authors such as Tom Clancy. Some tourists ask; “I was wondering just how far up it could be seen.”Some say further than 40,000 feet, but that is the furthest I can remember seeing it. Now then the Space Shuttle Astronauts have reported it too and from the ISS. Wow! That means with a Wal-Mart Telescope you might be able to see it from the Moon? Think on this in 2006.